How To Train A Pit Bull To Come When Called

Training your pit bull to come when called is very important as the owner, you want to assert dominance over your pit bull and have him/her obey your instructions.

Pit bulls are one of the strongest dog breeds that exhibit some stubbornness if they are not properly trained. Their gene makes them aggressive even sometimes towards their owner. Aside from all their flaws pit bull are great pets and can serve as a very active security to a household especially when there are children involved.

Teaching your pit bull to come when called is one of the most important skills you should impact on them. It’s essential for their safety and yours and can make your life much easier.

Pit bulls are intelligent and eager to please, so they can be relatively easy to train when it is done properly. However, it’s essential to be consistent and patient and use positive reinforcement.

How To Train A Pit Bull To Come When Called

Training your pit bull to come when called is easier than many people thought, some see pit bulls as stubborn dogs that are aggressive. You just need to be kind to them and pet them as you pet a baby. Pit bulls are loyal dogs that just want to be treated well and kindly.

Because of their appearance, some will feel they listen to the owner even when trained well, but the reverse is the case, the more loyal than many dog breeds I know. In my years of training dogs, I found out that pit bulls are loyal and kind even more than the little Chiwawa pets.

To train your pit bull to come when called, are certain rules and steps that will help you achieve this. These steps are very effective in most cases.

Start with a strong foundation

Make sure your pit bull knows its name and responds to it reliably. You can do this by practicing saying their name and treating or petting them when they look at you.

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Choose a recall cue

You will use This word or command to call your pit bull to you. It’s essential to choose a word or phrase that is short, easy to say, and distinct from other commands you use. Some popular recall cues include “come,” “here,” and “fido.”

Start in a quiet, distraction-free environment

Starting with a very quiet and distraction free environment has been known to give a very wonderful result in training your pit bull to come when called. You can do this in your backyard or even your living room.

Get your pit bull’s attention 

Dog love their owners to always get their attention, even when they are deep in playing, loyal dogs will leave every play no matter how sweet it is to answer their owners. First, you need to get your pit bull attention by saying their name and shaking a treat bag or toy.

Take a few steps back and say your recall cue in a friendly and excited voice

Saying a recall cue in a friendly manner is a very important step to take because first, you are not trying to get their attention, you want them to understand that their attention is very important and urgent.

As your pit bull comes to you, praise them and give them the treat or toy

Dogs love to be praised just as children enjoy praise from their parents. You must praise them for a job well done in order for that to register in their head that whenever you call them and they come, you are happy. As a pet that always wants to please their owner, they are always happy when they make you happy.

Repeat steps 4-6 several times

Once your pit bull is consistently coming to you when called in a quiet environment, you can start practicing in more distracting environments, such as a park or playground.

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Additional Steps to train a pit bull to come when called

Sometimes you will need to take additional measures just to make sure that your pit bull comes when you call them. These additional steps help you best maintain the trust you have for your pit bull and make sure that they are always answers when ever they are called upon.

Use high-value rewards :This means using treats that your pit bull loves. Some good options include cheese, hot dogs, and chicken.

Be consistent: Use the same recall cue and reward your pit bull whenever it comes to you when called.

Be patient: It may take some time and practice for your pit bull to learn to come when called reliably. Keep going even if they get it right away.

Make it fun!: Keep the training sessions short and positive. If your pit bull is not having fun, they are less likely to want to learn.

Use a long line: A long line is a long leash that allows you to give your pit bull more freedom but keep it under control. This can be helpful for training in distracting environments.

Teach your pit bull to “stay:”  Once your pit bull knows how to stay, you can use this command to keep them in place while you move away from them. This can be helpful for training in distracting environments or for teaching your pit bull to come when called from a distance.

Make it a game: Instead of calling your pit bull to you and immediately giving them a treat, try making it a game. Run away from your pit bull and then hide behind a tree or a bush. Once your pit bull finds you, praise them and give them a treat. This will make the training more fun for your pit bull and help them learn to come to you when called, even if they don’t see a treat in your hand.

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Common problems with training pit bulls

Not everybody knows this but there are some problems pit bull trainers encounter when they are training their pets and those problems are mostly universal meaning that anyone who has engaged in training pit bulls will at some point face these issues.

Common problems people encounter when training a pit bull to come when called and how to solve them 

My pit bull doesn’t come when called when there are distractions 

This is normal. It takes time and practice for dogs to learn to come when called in distracting environments. Start practicing in quiet, distraction-free settings, and gradually introduce more distractions as your pit bull becomes more reliable.

My pit bull only comes when called if I have a treat

Your pit bull has learned that coming to you means they will get pleasure. To fix this, reward your pit bull every time they come to you when called. Once they consistently come to you when called, you can reduce the frequency of rewards.

My pit bull runs away when I call them. 

This is usually because your pit bull has learned that coming to you means something negative, such as getting a bath or going to the vet. To fix this, only call your pit bull when you know you have something good for them, such as a treat or a game of fetch.

If you have trouble training your pit bull to come when called, consider hiring a professional dog trainer. A good trainer can help you develop a personalized training plan for your dog and teach you how to use positive reinforcement methods effectively.

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