Kitten Essentials

Kitten Essentials

Bringing a new kitten home is an exciting time, but being prepared is also essential. Kittens require a lot of care and attention, and you’ll need a few critical items to ensure they’re happy and healthy.

This blog post will cover everything you need about kitten essentials, from food and water bowls to litter boxes and toys. We’ll also provide tips on choosing the right products for your kitten and setting them up for success.

Food and water bowls

Kittens need access to fresh food and water at all times. Choose sturdy, non-slip bowls that are easy for your kitten to eat and drink. Consider getting a water fountain to encourage your kitten to drink more water.


When choosing food for your kitten, selecting a high-quality, nutrient-rich diet is essential. Look for food specifically formulated for kittens, as their nutritional needs differ from those of adult cats.

Consider feeding your kitten a wet food diet. Damp food is high in moisture, which can help to keep your kitten hydrated and prevent urinary tract infections.


Ensure always to provide your kitten with fresh, clean water. Change their water bowl daily and wash it thoroughly with soap and water.

Litter box

Kittens are spotless animals and will need a place to do their business. Choose a litter box that is large enough for your kitten to comfortably move around in, and place it in a quiet location.

You must also choose a type of safe litter for your kitten. Some kinds of waste, such as clay litter, can be dusty and can irritate your kitten’s respiratory system.

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Litter scoop

You must scoop your kitten’s litter box daily to remove waste and keep it clean. Choose a scoop designed explicitly for cat litter with a long handle so you can reach the bottom of the box without putting your hands inside.


Kittens need a comfortable place to sleep. Choose a soft, cozy bed big enough for your kitten to stretch out in. Consider getting a heated bed, as this can be exceptionally comforting for kittens in winter.

Grooming supplies

Kittens don’t require a lot of grooming, but you will need to brush their fur regularly and trim their nails. Choose a soft grooming brush that is gentle on your kitten’s skin. You can also use a flea comb to check for fleas and ticks.

Scratching post

Kittens have an instinct to scratch. To protect your furniture:

  1. Get your kitten a scratching post.
  2. Choose a scratching position that is sturdy and tall enough for your kitten to reach.
  3. Consider getting a scratching post with multiple surfaces, giving your kitten more options.


Kittens are playful creatures, needing plenty of toys to keep them entertained. Choose a variety of toys, such as balls, mice, and feathers. Consider getting a puzzle toy, as this can help to stimulate your kitten’s mind.

Safe hiding place

Kittens need a safe hiding place, especially when they are first adjusting to their new home. Choose a quiet place, such as under a bed or in a closet, and place a soft blanket or mattress inside.

Travel carrier

You will need a travel carrier to transport your kitten to the vet or when you travel. Choose a significant page for your kitten to stand up and turn around. Consider getting a carrier with a shoulder strap, as this will make it easier to carry your kitten.

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Vet care

Kittens need regular vet care to stay healthy. Schedule your kitten’s first vet appointment within a few days of bringing them home. Your vet will physically examine your kitten and administer any necessary vaccinations.

Other essentials

In addition to the items listed above, there are a few other essentials you may want to consider getting for your kitten, such as:

  • Pet insurance: Pet insurance can help to cover the cost of unexpected veterinary bills.
  • ID tag: Get your kitten an ID tag with your name and contact information in case they get lost.
  • Microchip: Microchipping is a permanent form of identification that can help to reunite you with your kitten if they are ever lost or stolen.

Setting your kitten up for success

Now that you have all the essentials, you’re ready to bring your new kitten home. Here are a few tips for setting them up for success:

  • Introduce your kitten to their new environment slowly. Let them explore one room at a time.

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